Beyond What I Could See

It’s funny: right after I had received that powerful word from Graham Cooke last weekend about faith, I was confronted with fear about my finances and almost looked to the world for help, but God stopped me and spoke through a friend. Since that talk with my friend, amazing things have happened.

Right off the bat, I found more money than I had, which was crazy good, since one of my high bills was past due that day. I paid that bill, filled the gas tank, sent off that refund and was back to barely anything, so yesterday, I had a thought, “Maybe I should sit down and calculate all the orders that are “pending” and see what that total is.”

That’s exactly what I did, and by the time I was done calculating, I had $1040.00 coming in.

That’s almost my rent!

Since then, I’ve received four more flag orders. The day before, six more orders had come in. When I worked out the money that was coming to me, I thought about how I had reacted to what I could “see,” what I had in my hand, what I “saw” in the bank, and wondered how many times I had done that.

I always profess to walk by faith, not by sight, but clearly, I just did the opposite. It’s so easy to fix our eyes on what’s in our hand, what’s surrounding us, etc., but that’s totally opposite of how God tells us to live our lives. My eyes are back on Him, and hell has lost its hold on me AGAIN!

God is totally providing…totally taking care of us…totally all over this business and setting me up for some amazing things.

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