Close Connections

Sometimes, it’s easier praying for strangers than for people you know because when it’s people you know, you tend to want to ‘help God out’ by praying for what you “think” they need. Well, that happens to “me,” sometimes, and yesterday, something happened that made me wonder. Continue reading

Tag, You’re It!

One of the things we look forward to as a family at Christmas time is buying our tree because more goes into it than just money.

When we get our Christmas tree, we spend an hour at the lot, so the kids can play tag throughout the trees. They do it every year. The funny part is, this year, we had to go twice! Continue reading


I’m in this place
with no windows
tears filling the room
like rain

having friends
yet no one to talk to
having vision
yet not all the rent

how could I ask anyone
to understand
when I myself
don’t understand

every tear
leading to a thought
every thought
leading to a tear

feeling like a failure
feeling unattractive



a friend
to listen

finding myself

with the only One
Who cares
the only One
Who listens
the only One
Who never judges

another day
where hiding seems to be
the only option

For the One-on-One

For the most part, since the beginning of the year, only a handful of women have come to JC’s Girls (and not all at one time). There’ve been many times when no one’s showed up at all, and that’s okay.

The ministry wasn’t started for a group that already existed. No, the ministry was started for women to have a place to go for prayer support and for the teaching of freedom.

Last night, I didn’t expect anyone to show up but wanted to be there in case anyone did, and wouldn’t you know it…someone showed up. Continue reading

Publishing Road

Okay, so, the world of publishing…it’s pretty big, and in reading/watching/etc., I learned that having your poem published in a journal or magazine is a good first step (and an easy one), so I’ve submitted one of my poems to a Christian magazine to see how it goes; although, it doesn’t really “need” to be Christian, but that’s what I stumbled upon.

To be totally honest, it’s difficult for me to concentrate on publishing when rent is looming. My focus tends to be on what I “should” be doing to make money now.

Ugh, at times, I don’t like being honest, but I can’t help it.

I love God, trust God, know God…it’s marketing that I don’t know or don’t have the patience for.

Anyway, a worship flag would be a GREAT Christmas gift. [hint, hint] 😉

Wrecking Ball

Last week, on my way back from Orange County, my left wheel in front started making this grinding/scraping noises. It happened when I accelerated, broke, turned…at various times.

When I got home, I parked and left it, until it was fixed. Wednesday, Robert went with me to have it checked out, and of course, the sound had stopped, so I seemed a little nutty. Luckily, I have a witness of the original occurrence and then another one from last night. Continue reading