Publishing Road

Okay, so, the world of publishing…it’s pretty big, and in reading/watching/etc., I learned that having your poem published in a journal or magazine is a good first step (and an easy one), so I’ve submitted one of my poems to a Christian magazine to see how it goes; although, it doesn’t really “need” to be Christian, but that’s what I stumbled upon.

To be totally honest, it’s difficult for me to concentrate on publishing when rent is looming. My focus tends to be on what I “should” be doing to make money now.

Ugh, at times, I don’t like being honest, but I can’t help it.

I love God, trust God, know God…it’s marketing that I don’t know or don’t have the patience for.

Anyway, a worship flag would be a GREAT Christmas gift. [hint, hint] 😉

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