“Weather Forecast”

today is one of those days

when time feels too heavy to carry
and too slippery to hold onto

when the extra breath in the home
will be gone

when every moment flashes by
and every second ticks louder

when the last good morning face to face
will fly away

when the tears fall one by one
creating a storm

today’s the day my boys leave
and my heart breaks

“Back to Square One”

throughout living
so many things change

and amidst the change
there’s growth
and amidst the growth
there’s pain
and amidst the pain
there’re tears
and amidst the tears
you may find a friend

but even friends
change with time

those close by
seem far away
those far away
seem close by
some acquaintances
become friends
some friends
become acquaintances
and through it all
I often find myself


in church

yes people are there
and some become friends
but as I walk to each path
I’m alone

I KNOW God is with me
but even HE said
it’s not good
for “man” to be alone
yet HE was there

so as I drive to AA
as I visit different churches
and in certain conversations
I’m alone

I get turned around but never lost
it seems heavy but always light
I get weary but grab hold
of the ONE Who never changes
and someday
I won’t be


Sticking Together

In life, there’re many types of glue: people; laughter; friends…and over the past month, Katie and I’ve learned a lot about the friendship one.

Since we’ve been in Texas, it’s been rough for a few reasons, but none of them are as important as what we’ve discovered along the way. Continue reading

“Moving Through Time”

[written 10/12/16]

there’re just some things
in this mommy heart
that can’t be avoided
and ‘i’m sorry’ seems to be
the only words that comfort
the only words that fit

I know
things’ll get better
I know
it’ll just take time
I know
it’ll be okay

tell me something
I don’t know
and maybe
just maybe
I’ll feel better

until then
I miss my son
and even after then
I’ll still miss him

“Clock Hands”

week one
I danced with the devil
week two
I started the business
week three
I shipped off some orders
week four
I’m off and running

all without leaving His Hands

how could the same month fly by
where every minute seemed to stand still

“Ready and Waiting”

here I am
send me

hear I am
send me

not knowing
where I’m going
but knowing
Who I follow

when nothing
makes sense
He makes sense
of it all

bit by bit
moment by moment
hour by hour

He has it all
where time doesn’t matter
He has it all
of what I’m willing to give
His has it all
figured out in His Presence
He has it all
and gives it back to me

Heaven invading
send me
here I am
send me


I’m tired
this might be a vent
disguised as a poem
or it might be a poem
disguised as a vent

have you ever gone
into a restaurant
and asked your server
to take a pay cut
so your meal’d be cheaper?

have you ever gone
into a clothing store
and asked the cashier
to take a pay cut
so your clothes would be cheaper?

I’m not sure if labor is understood
when people ask me
for “a deal”
they’re asking me
to take a pay cut

I never try to buy something
unless I have the money to buy it
I worked so hard today
but if I calculated what my time was worth
I might be disappointed

this might be a vent
disguised as a poem
or it might be a poem
disguised as a vent

either way
it’s what poured out