I’m glad the love of “coffee” isn’t the root of all evil.


“HEADS or Tails”

having one mind
the mind of Christ
mysteries revealed
never hidden

knowing Him
to such a degree
of living WITH Him

never wanting
never needing
to survive

having been
on the other side
I can tell you
Light prevails

no more waking
no more passing out
to sleep

no more selling
what was His
no more lying
to get it right

flip the coin
until it lands on Him
and choose to live
on the other side


Crossing Wires

Yesterday, I gave my friend and her dog a ride to one of those mobile neuter buses, and if you know me, that’s a HUGE thing.

Normally, I don’t let animals in my vicinity, let alone my car, but when my friend asked for a ride a little while ago, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes because she’s my friend, and “most of the time,” my love for people overrides my likes or dislikes…most of the time, and I’m so very glad that I let God create our yesterday. Continue reading