You never know who God will connect you with.


The Second Adam

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of negative things about relationships, to the point where I’m not sure I ever WANT one, but then I stopped myself from agreeing with everything I’ve heard.

Not all relationships HAVE to be bad. I totally don’t believe that.

If you take two people who are totally free and they fall in love, I believe the good times will definitely outweigh any bad, IF there are any bad at all.

From what I’ve seen, many relationships struggle because the people themselves struggle.

I mean, really, if being in a relationship ensures I’ll go through constant gloom and doom…no, thank you. I’m fine being in perfect relationship with God, walking with Him in the cool of the day twenty-four/seven. If a man wants to join in on this perfect relationship, it better be because He’s walking in the same garden.

“Along the Journey”

God’s not my GPS
choices are
there are many roads we can take
many turns to the left
and to the right
going forwards
or backwards
making u turns
many different possibilities
God’s definitely one of the routes
but my choices point me in direction