the land of the free
of false freedom

freedom to not feed
the homeless
freedom to pay
for healthcare Continue reading


“Quality Time”

if you didn’t know who I was
would you want to know me
if I was merely in the crowd
would you approach me

being seen isn’t
being known
being known isn’t
being seen

how do we come to know each other
or pretend to
how do we come to love each other
or pretend to

the time we invest
and when there is no time
is one forgotten

“Under My Skin”

sometimes when I dance
I remember how I used to dance
not as a stripper
but when I first started dancing
for Him
has it changed?
does it matter?
as I grow closer
if that’s even possible
will the movements change
or is my dance
my dance
in the arms of Him
Who twirls me in His Love