I’ve finally gotten
to the place
I never wanted
to be

where there’re no words
no expression of thought
to reach out to others
from inside

a place where I’m not
my own
a place hidden away
behind a curtain

and it breaks my heart

one thing different
about me
has been my


when two become one
I guess I’m not one
but two

and my other half
would like to leave
his book closed

this is so very sad to me
I can’t explain how it
and maybe – now –
I can’t

was this part of God’s plan
I can’t imagine it would be
we’ll see how it goes
maybe writing in code

if he knew what was on ‘here’
it’d break him
he only sees faKebook
and that hurts him

if I could turn back time
I’d never get married
I’d never split up my kids
I’d never be in Texas

but here I am
a writer without a pen
a poet without an outlet
a wife without a smile
a woman trapped
on the inside

Publishing Road

Okay, so, the world of publishing…it’s pretty big, and in reading/watching/etc., I learned that having your poem published in a journal or magazine is a good first step (and an easy one), so I’ve submitted one of my poems to a Christian magazine to see how it goes; although, it doesn’t really “need” to be Christian, but that’s what I stumbled upon.

To be totally honest, it’s difficult for me to concentrate on publishing when rent is looming. My focus tends to be on what I “should” be doing to make money now.

Ugh, at times, I don’t like being honest, but I can’t help it.

I love God, trust God, know God…it’s marketing that I don’t know or don’t have the patience for.

Anyway, a worship flag would be a GREAT Christmas gift. [hint, hint] 😉