Wrecking Ball

Last week, on my way back from Orange County, my left wheel in front started making this grinding/scraping noises. It happened when I accelerated, broke, turned…at various times.

When I got home, I parked and left it, until it was fixed. Wednesday, Robert went with me to have it checked out, and of course, the sound had stopped, so I seemed a little nutty. Luckily, I have a witness of the original occurrence and then another one from last night.

Last night, I gave Kyle a ride to work in the evening, which meant I was to pick him up in the wee hours of the morning (2:30 am to be exact). That’s why I was up writing poetry last night. That just tickles me how in the middle of the night, I’m writing, which means I was probably writing in my sleep.

Anyway, on the way to his work and back, the grinding/scraping noise kept happening. Kyle finally said, “Mom, you gotta get that fixed.” He’s right, but if it’s what the mechanic said it was, that’s $340.00, which might as well be a million, but that’s not what this is about.

He suggested it might’ve been coming from the shocks, which is nowhere near the tire. I said, “Maybe it’s like a siren downtown. With all the tall buildings, sirens bounce off the walls and sound like they’re coming from every direction. Maybe it SOUNDS like the tire but is coming from somewhere else.” And since then, I’ve thought about hearing God.

I have many friends who can’t hear from God but have no problem hearing what the enemy throws at them from every direction. If we have “buildings” built within our soul: rejection, hurt, pain, abandonment, etc. and the enemy says something, we tend to hear it from every direction. These same buildings might block God’s voice from coming out and going in.

I believe God’s been talking to each one of us, since the moment He began to knit us together. I can’t explain why some people are born without limbs, blind, deaf, disabled, etc. All I know is, if you have life, God intended for you to be and is talking to you all the time, so listen!

If you realize you have “buildings” that “sirens” seem to bounce off of, tear them down with God, and listen for the winds of His love to blow through the open spaces! He waits and waits and waits for all of us to get to know all of Him.

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