“Knowing Without Reading”

[written 8/10/16]

so often I read posts
of good things happening
of people doing well
happiness abound
and in the comments
I read
‘God loves you so much’
‘you’re His favorite’

but if one’s discouraged
and reads of this love
are they left thinking
‘does He love me?’
not many posts of turmoil
have comments of
‘God loves you so much’
‘you’re His favorite’

it’s better for one to know
and not go off of
no matter what
‘God loves you so much’
‘you’re His favorite’
and more


Yesterday was Katie’s and my annual 5K run for the hungry, and I really wanted to give Katie my full attention, so I didn’t take my phone, and thought about not needing it and didn’t take my purse.

About a mile down the road, I asked Katie if she had HER phone, which she did, so I said, “Good because we might run out of gas.” She sighed. Continue reading

Wrecking Ball

Last week, on my way back from Orange County, my left wheel in front started making this grinding/scraping noises. It happened when I accelerated, broke, turned…at various times.

When I got home, I parked and left it, until it was fixed. Wednesday, Robert went with me to have it checked out, and of course, the sound had stopped, so I seemed a little nutty. Luckily, I have a witness of the original occurrence and then another one from last night. Continue reading

Going Bananas

A week and a half ago, Katie (my daughter) bought a case of bananas…a case! She had asked for a ride to the store because carrying this big, heavy box would’ve been awkward on the trolley and unbearable to carry home, so I gave her a ride. They were really beautiful bananas, so I was excited to juice, make things, etc., and then, I found out: they were ALL for her. Continue reading