Going Bananas

A week and a half ago, Katie (my daughter) bought a case of bananas…a case! She had asked for a ride to the store because carrying this big, heavy box would’ve been awkward on the trolley and unbearable to carry home, so I gave her a ride. They were really beautiful bananas, so I was excited to juice, make things, etc., and then, I found out: they were ALL for her.

She had seen something on YouTube about JUST eating bananas for awhile, so she decided to do it, and to do something like this was just like Katie. Years ago, when she was suicidal, she would end up locked up in a hospital. Every time she went into a place like that, she came out with “new” ideas. She would copy what she saw others doing or what she heard others did. It was in one of those places where she learned how to self-mutilate. This time, she learned how to live off of bananas.

When I came home the other night, my whole house smelled like bananas. She had sixty eight left, so there’s no telling how many she started with. I made a comment about all the gifts for the porn convention being banana scented. She didn’t laugh.

The next day, I asked her about fruit flies. She said (with attitude), “I kill them as I see them!” I said, “Katie, even if you kill them, more produce.” She said, “You’ll be at the convention anyway. When you get back, they’ll be gone.” (Ahhhhhhh! Lord, help!) Sometimes, Katie gets very moody, so I started praying that everything clears up by Sunday evening. We’ll see what happens! Right now, I have so many other things to focus on.

Even last night, as I arrived at the car rental place to pick up the van, they were closed. I couldn’t pack the van like I had planned to, so I decided to surprise Katie at work with a ride and a meal. She was surprised and seemed happy! We went to a vegan Thai place in North Park (“Sipz”)…good food. During dinner we had such a good talk.

150227_0000In our conversation, she said, “I ate six bananas today,” and she rolled her eyes. Then she said, “I’ve killed a bunch of fruit flies.” [Oh my gosh! Inside, I was freaking out a little, but I didn’t show it.] I explained to her how more will produce. She’s determined to finish these bananas: my freezer is full of frozen bananas, and there are sixteen left in the box. She also said she learned never to do this again. Thank God!

She also talked about some other relational issues she was having. She RARELY opens up to me. She was so nice to me. I was so loving it. At one point, I fell apart a little because I’ve been going through some warfare and began to cry. She encouraged me with Scripture. Deep down, she loves God. He has written so much on her heart. As she talks, she’ll say, “When I was a Christian…” She was so poised, so gentle, so loving, so caring. I ponder these moments I have with her. They get me through the times when she’s bitter, cold, uncaring. My baby girl loves me, so thank you all, who have been praying about this!

So, on top of praying for the porn convention, pray that Katie finishes the bananas and that she wins this battle with the fruit flies. God is amazing! I’m glad the van place was closed. I’m glad that we spent the evening together. I’m glad she opened up to me. I’m glad that she encouraged me with Scripture. What a lovely evening we had, and no one can take that away from me!

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