A Picture of Love

The two thousand and fifteen porn convention has passed, but there’s something that still lingers in the air: Love. Those who were driven there by their flesh were satisfied yet empty. For those of us who were led by our spirits, our hearts were heavy and felt broken by what we saw, but God’s Love filled the atmosphere and invaded lust. By the end of the weekend, girls were showing less, the music was less vulgar, and walls were coming down.

Every year, the convention “seems” smaller because it is, and we’d like to think it’s because of our presence there, His Presence being magnified in hearts, minds, lives. When people see our booth, they’re intrigued by its beauty. As they see it’s about church, they’ll either keep moving or stop and ask questions about us. Most of the time, we’re received well, and this time, “who” received us was surprising.

About eighty percent of the people who came to our booth professed they were “Christians.” We, actually, felt that this year’s calling was for them, to water what seeds had already been planted, and to plant more in their hearts. As I think about it, it’s not too surprising. As a “Christian woman,” I lived many years in lust, sober, going to church on Sundays, and feeding my flesh the rest of the time, but God’s Love can change anyone, and I believe this weekend, hearts were softened and minds were changed.

JC's Girls Team - 2015 Adultcon Porn Convention
JC’s Girls Team – 2015 Adultcon Porn Convention

We encountered so many different hearts: people who were cheating on their spouse or being cheated on, barren women, people who were “forced” to go to church when they were younger, people who thought God was bad and out to get them, people who felt unworthy, unwanted, who thought they were failures, people who have followed the wrong path and wanted to find their way back, etc. This time, I couldn’t remember names, which was unusual, but then I heard the voice of God tell me that I wasn’t supposed to remember their names. I was supposed to remember their hearts, and there were so many hearts to listen to, to love, to get to know, to pray for, to talk to, to embrace…so many people…so little time, and we enjoyed loving everyone together.

It was an absolute honor to be united with Janel, Sheri, and David. We saw healings, witnessed salvations, saw the eyes of hearts open a little, watched the expressions on people’s faces as they listened to how God loved them. We loved well together. We always have, and we always will. God is amazing; Jesus loved being at the porn convention; and everyone was drawn to God’s Holy Spirit, and those who stopped by our booth felt loved.


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