When I look at my past, I think, “No wonder I was where I was at; I didn’t know my value,” and when I look at my present, I think, “No wonder I’m where I’m at because I KNOW my value!”

Close Connections

Sometimes, it’s easier praying for strangers than for people you know because when it’s people you know, you tend to want to ‘help God out’ by praying for what you “think” they need. Well, that happens to “me,” sometimes, and yesterday, something happened that made me wonder. Continue reading


sometimes I wonder

do they see me
or do they see my past
do they guard their men
because of who I was

I mean
do they know I’m pure
or assume

I will never be silent
or hold back my laughter
I will never run
because of what they think

Truth made me free
Truth breathes through my life
Truth will always stand
Truth lives inside of me