Hangout With Laughter

Over the years, I’ve learned how healing it was for me and the kids to sit around and play games together: we’d laugh at each other; poke fun; find out more about each other; etc., so I always want to share this healing experience with others: young and old, and last night, I was able to do just that.

Recently, Carolyn started hanging out at a youth group at a church and had mentioned something about a kid struggling with something. Right away, I suggested we have a game night full of laughter, and last night, that thought became a reality.

Not all the kids were able to come, but six of them could, and our time spent together was amazing. We just had fun together, and it wasn’t like, “Okay, kids, you have fun. I’ll be in the other room.” No, I sat in the room with them and talked with them. We talked about Jesus, authority, their value, and it turned out, none of them saw themselves as amazing.

When I looked at one young man and said, “You’re an amazing young man! Do you know that?” He said, “I don’t see myself as amazing because I always mess up by acting a certain way or smoking a cigarrette…” I taught him how to recognize how that’s not him and how to declare who he is with God. It was so good.

Another young man was having so much fun. He said, “I like it here. I like the way it feels here,” so I taught him how to create the same environment in his home. I’m telling you…these kids were so amazing, but these game nights aren’t meant for them alone. I would like to have more of them but with adults, too, so if you want to be a part of it, let me know.

Sometimes, there’s so much “movement” within the church and with electronics that we forget to sit around the table and laugh together. There’s so much good in doing that! Some of these kids really opened up about some real stuff, and when they did, I listened and, at times, spoke.

I love how they all want to come back and spend the night, so we’re planning that. I’ll stick all the boys in the living room and keep the girls with me, so we can hang out till the wee hours of the morning and hear the laughter bounce off the walls and each other. It’s going to be good!

Oh, and all of the boys were super excited to see the cut on my foot. One of the boys could hardly wait. He kept following me around, waiting for me to take the bandage off, and when I finally did, he was so satisfied. I told him he might have a calling to be a doctor.

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