sometimes I wonder

do they see me
or do they see my past
do they guard their men
because of who I was

I mean
do they know I’m pure
or assume

I will never be silent
or hold back my laughter
I will never run
because of what they think

Truth made me free
Truth breathes through my life
Truth will always stand
Truth lives inside of me

Balancing Act

I know someone out there needs encouragement to keep faith because of what God is having me write about today, so I hope that some of the words that person reads will bless them to look at things a little bit differently and to walk by faith, not by what they see or have.

Okay, so I’m not the best at balancing on paper, so I usually do it all in my head. When you’re running a business, that may not be the best thing to do, and at times, if I’m unsure about what I have in the bank and think it may be low, I won’t even look because the moment I look, I’m usually filled with fear, so I balance in my head and move forward. Continue reading