Tears of Intensity

This time, for the porn convention, I was determined to go as “me,” but I wasn’t prepared for how “less than” I would feel and spent the first night crying on my bed in the hotel room.

Being reminded of who I was in the environment I used to live in was a pretty intense battle. In ministry, I find that I learn as I go. There were times when I would share my testimony with men, and in an instant, they would repent of the thoughts they had toward me and a deep respect would come over them, but that wasn’t how it happened every time. Continue reading

A Picture of Love

The two thousand and fifteen porn convention has passed, but there’s something that still lingers in the air: Love. Those who were driven there by their flesh were satisfied yet empty. For those of us who were led by our spirits, our hearts were heavy and felt broken by what we saw, but God’s Love filled the atmosphere and invaded lust. By the end of the weekend, girls were showing less, the music was less vulgar, and walls were coming down. Continue reading