[written 1/12/17]

in just a moment
you’ll never know
what you mean to me
what you mean to me
doesn’t have words
only actions

it’s the way you smile
when you find something funny
and the way you move
when you laugh

it’s the way
you pull your hair back
exposing your perfect profile
for my view

it’s the long talks we’ve had
and the tears we’ve shared
it’s the friendship that’s grown
through Ariel’s birth

it’s the way I can speak to you
without any words
and the way you reply
in the same

imagining life
without you near
is like imagining a dance
without a song

no one really knows
what we’ve been through
and no one really knows
what we’re GOING to
but we do

and amidst it all
there’re so many good things
to look forward to

the long phone calls with laughter and tears
the video chats staying face to face
the recipe swaps making meal creations
the game apps
the letter writing
the times in thought

all those things wouldn’t appear
unless you disappeared
so farewell
and always know
you’re at home in my heart

Unpacking a Bond

On Sunday, after driving everyone home from the porn convention, I climbed into bed around midnight. There was no way I would’ve been able to unpack the van that evening and knew it would be waiting for me in the morning. I was going to call a friend to come help but, but Katie woke up, so I asked her, “Would you like to help me unload the van?” She said, “Sure.” I had no idea where that would lead. Continue reading

Going Bananas

A week and a half ago, Katie (my daughter) bought a case of bananas…a case! She had asked for a ride to the store because carrying this big, heavy box would’ve been awkward on the trolley and unbearable to carry home, so I gave her a ride. They were really beautiful bananas, so I was excited to juice, make things, etc., and then, I found out: they were ALL for her. Continue reading