Unpacking a Bond

On Sunday, after driving everyone home from the porn convention, I climbed into bed around midnight. There was no way I would’ve been able to unpack the van that evening and knew it would be waiting for me in the morning. I was going to call a friend to come help but, but Katie woke up, so I asked her, “Would you like to help me unload the van?” She said, “Sure.” I had no idea where that would lead.

Most of things didn’t require two people carrying it, but there were a couple things that were way too heavy. One of those things was the 10′ x 10′ zebra print rug (with padding). Now, THAT was heavy. I wasn’t sure if the two of us could handle it, but we did. Although, on our way to the garage, the rug almost pulled me backward onto the ground, but I wiggled and shifted and balanced the weight (and hurt my back in the process). After everything was put away, we grabbed our things to return the van.

Katie only has her permit, but she drives so well; I knew she could follow me comfortably. As we grabbed the keys, she said, “Don’t leave right away. Wait for me to put my CD in?” I said, “Okay, what CD are you going to listen to?” She said, “10,000 Reasons.” What?! That’s a worship CD, and Katie hasn’t listened to worship in forever, until now.

I’ll tell you what: my insides lept for joy! To watch her walk away from God was heartbreaking, and to watch her slowly tiptoe back is releasing so much hope and so much life. While I was at the convention, she missed me. All of the kids missed me. And I think unpacking the van together did “something.” I know a lot of amazing things happened at the convention, but THIS had to be one of the most amazing things of all!

After we returned the van, we grabbed a bite to eat, and when we got back home, I fell into bed. I was so exhausted. When I finally woke up, it was almost one in the afternoon, and Katie was so excited. She had been waiting for me to

Katie took me to lunch (after the porn convention weekend) 3.2.15
Katie took me to lunch (after the porn convention weekend) 3.2.15

wake up, so she could take me out to lunch. She even said, about thirty minutes prior, she peeked into the bedroom to see if that would wake me “by accident,” but she said I was breathing so deeply that she didn’t want to disturb me. Isn’t that cute! That’s love.

We had a wonderful lunch, enjoyed wonderful conversation, and to look across the table at my beautiful daughter…priceless! As I follow God’s voice in my life in ministry, flag making, work, etc, He orchestrates these moments that are forever engraved in my heart. I ponder them so deeply. On Sunday, at the convention, one of the texts I sent to Kyle was, “I miss being around our love.” We have amazing love in this family, a love that has to be lived, in order to experience its fullness.

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