Strength of Love

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’d know how time consuming these past few weeks have been, with my ex-husband in town. It took me over a day to recover and almost a week to catch up on flag making. (I’m still not caught up!) During this time, I also haven’t gone to see Lee in the park, and yesterday, God prompted me to do so.

There was a part of me that didn’t know how he would react to my visit, since I’ve been so busy with family and the business, but nothing stops me (normally) from following God’s voice, so regardless of how I “felt,” I took him some lunch. Continue reading

Going Bananas

A week and a half ago, Katie (my daughter) bought a case of bananas…a case! She had asked for a ride to the store because carrying this big, heavy box would’ve been awkward on the trolley and unbearable to carry home, so I gave her a ride. They were really beautiful bananas, so I was excited to juice, make things, etc., and then, I found out: they were ALL for her. Continue reading