Strength of Love

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’d know how time consuming these past few weeks have been, with my ex-husband in town. It took me over a day to recover and almost a week to catch up on flag making. (I’m still not caught up!) During this time, I also haven’t gone to see Lee in the park, and yesterday, God prompted me to do so.

There was a part of me that didn’t know how he would react to my visit, since I’ve been so busy with family and the business, but nothing stops me (normally) from following God’s voice, so regardless of how I “felt,” I took him some lunch.

Because of pride weekend, a lot of the parking was blocked off, so I had to park a ways away, which gave me time to pray, think, and reflect on some areas of my life. Since I wasn’t sure how he’d react to my presence, I was prepared for anything.

As I walked up, I said, “It took me long enough!!” He looked up, smiled, and rose for a hug. He said, “I’ve been thinking about you the last couple of days.” I hugged him and responded, “Well, it worked,” and we sat in our usual spots, just like old times.

It only took a couple of minutes of me sitting with him for me to start crying. Some real things have been going on lately; I couldn’t hold the tears back, and it was so good to learn that I hadn’t lost his love. He understood my busy life better than I did.

Lee knows the value of family, the value of time, and the value of running a business, and even though I was away, he never doubted my love for a second. In fact, it was like there was never distance or time between us. We picked up right where we left off.

After chatting a bit, he looked at my phone and asked, “Can you watch YouTube videos on that?” I said, “Sure. What would you like to listen to?” And then began his dance down memory lane.

First, we listened to Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck’s rendition of “People Get Ready.” Lee really appreciates good guitar playing. Next was Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing.” It was so nice to listen to these songs and hear Lee’s commentary on them. After that, we listened to Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph, and Floyd Cramer play “Yakety Sax.” It was so much fun to watch Lee remember, but when we listened to Floyd Cramer alone, Lee performed his memory.

As we were sitting on the rocks, I began a song by Floyd Cramer, “Last Date.” Right after it began, Lee remembered a smoke-filled bar room. He began to narrate as he acted out his memory: he lifted his arms, as to have them wrapped around someone’s shoulders, breathed in the fragrance of the invisible girl’s hair, and swayed back and forth, as he delighted in the music. It was an amazing moment in time for him.

We continued listening to more of Floyd Cramer, and then, he asked for Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald’s “My Own.” All this music was bringing such sweet memories back to life in him. I loved watching him enjoy what once was. Funny thing: we never even ate, and it was the best lunch ever!

I’m not sure “when” I’ll see Lee again, and it doesn’t matter. I know our love will never stop existing. It’s so refreshing to me. God is so good!

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