“Growing Up”

teaching with authority
abolishing minds set on darkness
turning their attention to Light
explaining Kingdom Living through
exposing the lies
revealing the Truth
leaving an example to follow

becoming love
to look more like Him
embracing the world regardless
not to conform to it
to change it
with love
in love
through love
becoming love
looking more and more like

Swept Off My Feet

Yesterday was full of so much good and then some not so good, and throughout the entire day, God was writing through my heart. Actually, if you ever see me quiet, I’m probably writing on the inside. It happens a lot.

Have you ever been experiencing a difficult time in your life and heard the advice to read through “Job” in the bible? I’ll get back to that.

God had the day pretty well planned out: visit with a friend in the hospital; visit with Lee in the park; meeting a friend at my house; dropping off some paperwork for my son at practice; and then, the evening was open for making flags, so I thought, but after arriving at my sons’ practice, my time for flag making was, immediately, filled. Continue reading