Swept Off My Feet

Yesterday was full of so much good and then some not so good, and throughout the entire day, God was writing through my heart. Actually, if you ever see me quiet, I’m probably writing on the inside. It happens a lot.

Have you ever been experiencing a difficult time in your life and heard the advice to read through “Job” in the bible? I’ll get back to that.

God had the day pretty well planned out: visit with a friend in the hospital; visit with Lee in the park; meeting a friend at my house; dropping off some paperwork for my son at practice; and then, the evening was open for making flags, so I thought, but after arriving at my sons’ practice, my time for flag making was, immediately, filled.

At the park, to get onto the field, you have the option to walk to the side and jump off a sitting wall or walk down a slope with loose dirt and stuff. I always choose the little slope, but this time, I fell.

As I was walking down, my fleet slipped out from under me, and I fell forward, so my entrance to the grass was face first, sliding on my right leg on the loose dirt and small gravel. I couldn’t stop…just felt the pain in my leg. The papers I held went flying, and I just slid. A man nearby offered to help and came over.

I couldn’t speak, only talk to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I had so much peace and a lot of pain. There was a lot of blood streaming out of my foot. The man ran to get water and my oldest son, Kyle, came to my aid. They poured water on the cuts, and Kyle took off his shirt and wrapped it around my ankle. All the while, I kept talking to God.

As I was sitting there, Kyle had me place my foot on the wall, so he could wrap it in a bandage. I began to pass out, so I rested in the dirt…never cried, only kept in conversation with God.

They were talking about me going to the emergency room, but I didn’t have insurance and didn’t even have enough money for rent, but even with that looming, I KNEW I should go because it hurt really bad, and then, Kyle said, “I know you have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and He’s placed people in the medical field to help you. You should go.” I told him I had no problem with going. The money thought came up again, but I knew I didn’t have to worry because, if it really came down to it, I know I have friends that would help with the medical stuff, so Carolyn and Nathan’s dad, Robert, took me, while my sons finished their practice.

I love how my sons continued with their practice. Before I left, hey both kissed me. They trust God so much, they’re free to live their lives without worry. Isn’t that amazing!!

On the way to the car, I told Kyle how, earlier in the day, I went to visit a friend in the hospital, who just had her leg amputated on Saturday evening, and how that made my pain seem not so bad, but after I thought about it, her situation had nothing to do with the pain I was feeling, which brings me back to “Job.”

There’s a mindset in the church (sometimes) and in the world that tempts people to look at someone else’s worse off pain to feel better about their own. In AA, they do it all the time. It’s like people feed off of other people’s adversities to walk out of the room feeling better about what they’re having to deal with. The other night, I just spoke with a friend who was going through a tough season who told me about people advising him to read “Job.” I told him, “Don’t read Job. Read Jesus!”

Each person’s measure of pain is important to God. He doesn’t want you to throw aside what you’re going through or what you’re dealing with because it’s not-that-bad or it’s not-as-bad-as-so-and-so. God wants each person to see what they’re going through through the eyes of His Son. Jesus is the way, the ONLY way, and when we read about Him through His gospel, we learn how to become love and live through His heart. Job is a good lesson about how your friends will turn on you.

Anyway, Robert took me to the hospital and sat with me the whole time. He’s my ex, so he enjoyed watching me be in pain (even ask him…he joked about that). He was so supportive. Kyle stayed with Nathan and picked up Carolyn. It was a peaceful experience. I even filled the waiting room with some of my laughter and got to meet and pray into a couple men’s lives. It turned out to be a really good evening, and the support I received through social media and texting was heaven in action. Thank you, all, for loving me!!

Don’t look to Job for Jesus. Look to Jesus for Jesus and change the world you live in!

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