“Victory of Identity”

they call me victorious
yet friends walk away
they call me victorious
yet bills pile up

victory isn’t about what you have or who you’re with
victory is knowing who you are in Him
the One Who is VICTORIOUS

open your eyes to hear
open your ears to see
and follow your heart

Victorious Nightmare

Last night, I had the weirdest (and scariest dream). Here it goes.

It started off with the church marrying me, Carolyn, and someone else off, but I can’t remember who the someone else was. The church chose the people and set everything up. We were all sitting in a room, and then it hit me: I didn’t even know the heart of the person, which is super important to me, so we all took off, but before we did, we got a hold of the names of who we were to marry, so me and the kids went on a journey to see who the church had picked. Continue reading

Good Reflection

Yesterday, I was reminded of how I used to live with expectations of people, and it was very unhealthy for me, but at the time, I didn’t even notice it.

Before I got sober, which was almost ten years ago, I used to struggle A LOT, and I expected everyone who had money to help me. I mean…they had the money, so why not? I just didn’t understand what the big problem was. AND to top it all off, most of the time, I expected people to help me without asking them. Well, that wasn’t a good way to live. Continue reading