Victorious Nightmare

Last night, I had the weirdest (and scariest dream). Here it goes.

It started off with the church marrying me, Carolyn, and someone else off, but I can’t remember who the someone else was. The church chose the people and set everything up. We were all sitting in a room, and then it hit me: I didn’t even know the heart of the person, which is super important to me, so we all took off, but before we did, we got a hold of the names of who we were to marry, so me and the kids went on a journey to see who the church had picked.

Our first stop was Canada, but strangely enough, when we got there, it was Florida. The man was picked for Carolyn. He had acres of land with four swimming pools. One of the pools housed a dolphin. At first glance, I thought, “Maybe we messed up,” but then we got to know the person, and all hell broke loose.

We walked in. He “seemed” nice, but when he left to run errands, I followed him and found out differently. I wasn’t seen. It was like I was there but invisible. On his errands, he was killing people. This man was a serial killer. I hurried back to get the kids out of his house.

When I arrived, we started packing insanely fast. The front of this huge house was lined with windows that had window sills. As the kids made it out, he showed up (like “flying” showed up). Immediately, he started nailing everyone’s hands to the window sill. The kids were outside. I was in.

This guy had supernatural demonic power, and without making a move, nailed my hands down, and shot something into my arm that was very painful. I began calling on Jesus.

All of a sudden, I said, “It’s not real, in Jesus’ Name.” At once, the pain left a little, so I looked straight in the guys eyes and said, “You’re not real, in Jesus’ Name. You’re not real, in Jesus’ Name. You’re not real, in Jesus’ Name. You’re not real, in Jesus’ Name…” After like ten times, we were all freed, and I woke up.

And I don’t even watch TV!

Anyway, when I got out of bed, I was so sore all over my body: my back, my legs, my arms. It was CRAZY!!

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