Among the Waves

Yesterday, I met some friends at the beach, and we had a really good time. It’s funny how God works, how He talks, what and who He speaks through. As I was watching the kids in the water, God spoke.

Torrey Pines Beach, La Jolla, CA
Torrey Pines Beach, La Jolla, CA

Out in the waves was a daddy with his little girl. He was holding her hand, and every time a wave crashed into them, he would lift her up to keep her head out of water, and as the wave passed, he would hold onto her, so she wouldn’t drift away, and amidst me watching them, God said, “That’s what I do,” and He continued.

“As the waves of life come crashing into you, I hold you by the hand and keep you above water, so you won’t drown, and so you won’t be carried away. I keep your head above the waters.”

It was so general and so personal. I wonder how many things dads do out of “instinct,” all the while prompted by God to reflect His love. It was so amazing.

My kids had so much fun. We stayed from eleven in the morning until five-thirty in the afternoon, which was very unusual for us. We’ve always been the type of family that goes in the water, dries off, and goes home. We never stay very long, but this time, we were all fine with staying. We left so late that we hit traffic, but it didn’t bother us because we had so much fun in the car together. Next time, we’re going on one of Katie’s days off, so she’ll be with us.