“Running Laps”

If you know me, you know I love my kids very much, and every once in a while, I share stuff with you about them. Well, it’s that time again.

On Wednesday evening, I stopped by to pick up my twelve year old from flag football practice, which my twenty four year old coaches. It was the end of practice, and Nathan was goofing off on the field with a couple friends, while Kyle was nearby watching, sitting on a wall. As I approached Kyle, I overheard some parents talking, and as I listened, I grinned. Continue reading

Scars that Prove Something

I always thought scars were a constant reminder of “what happened,” but since I have a couple now, I realize that’s not the case. Most of my “scars” are on the inside, so I never really thought about them as being reminders. Music, smells, household chores, thoughts usually trigger me back to a painful past, but not so much scars.

A little while back, I fell at my sons’ football practice and ended up in the emergency room. I have an irritating looking scar on my foot and my knee. At times, after standing for a while, the one on my foot hurts. Looking at it and feeling it, both, don’t seem to take me back to the moment of trauma; something else does. Continue reading

Swept Off My Feet

Yesterday was full of so much good and then some not so good, and throughout the entire day, God was writing through my heart. Actually, if you ever see me quiet, I’m probably writing on the inside. It happens a lot.

Have you ever been experiencing a difficult time in your life and heard the advice to read through “Job” in the bible? I’ll get back to that.

God had the day pretty well planned out: visit with a friend in the hospital; visit with Lee in the park; meeting a friend at my house; dropping off some paperwork for my son at practice; and then, the evening was open for making flags, so I thought, but after arriving at my sons’ practice, my time for flag making was, immediately, filled. Continue reading

Live Worship, a Foot Rub, and Flag Football

After work, I headed to the field to watch my boys practice flag football with the team. It’s so good to be around them, to watch Kyle teach Nathan, and to watch Nathan continue to improve. I am always proud-mommy. Well, on the way there, my right foot cramped terribly. Let me explain.

Back in my dancing days, I wore heels ALL THE TIME. Every now and then, my toes curl up from the balls of my feet and remain stuck in that position (as if I’m wearing heels), and throughout this insane cramping, I experience intense pain. There have been times I’ve pulled over to the side of the road until in subsided. Now that I pray, it lessens a lot quicker. I always get irritated when it happens though…always.

Well, by the time I reached the field, it had went away but left a memory of when I was a stripper. Continue reading

The End of a Season

[Written yesterday, 3/14/15]

Today is┬áthe last game of the winter season of flag football. To watch my oldest son coach and my youngest son play has been an inexpressible joy in my heart! The restoration that pursues our family is amazing, and it feels like it’s only just begun, but the truth is, God’s been restoring our lives for years.

Restoration: Continue reading