“Running Laps”

If you know me, you know I love my kids very much, and every once in a while, I share stuff with you about them. Well, it’s that time again.

On Wednesday evening, I stopped by to pick up my twelve year old from flag football practice, which my twenty four year old coaches. It was the end of practice, and Nathan was goofing off on the field with a couple friends, while Kyle was nearby watching, sitting on a wall. As I approached Kyle, I overheard some parents talking, and as I listened, I grinned.

One parent was talking to the other about the talk Kyle gave to all the players. Kyle spoke to them about life, about their love for football, and about how important it is for them to keep good grades in school and respect their parents. Even typing this out is making me cry.

I’m so proud of him!

IMG_2190As I sat down next to Kyle, I turned to him and watched his profile. After about ten seconds, I said, “How does it feel to be raised by God? I know I didn’t teach you any of that…like He, Personally, raised you.” He smiled because he knows.

He talked about how if they didn’t honor his requests, they’d be running laps, while the rest of the team practiced. They’d be running laps the entire time! He wants them to do their best ALL the time, not just in football.

The neat thing is Kyle coaches in a league that plays “just for fun.” They don’t even keep score, so this isn’t some requirement they’ve bestowed upon my son. No, this is Kyle helping to mold some boys into becoming good men. He’s such a good coach!

God clearly talks to him, and he clearly listens.

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