“Running Laps”

If you know me, you know I love my kids very much, and every once in a while, I share stuff with you about them. Well, it’s that time again.

On Wednesday evening, I stopped by to pick up my twelve year old from flag football practice, which my twenty four year old coaches. It was the end of practice, and Nathan was goofing off on the field with a couple friends, while Kyle was nearby watching, sitting on a wall. As I approached Kyle, I overheard some parents talking, and as I listened, I grinned. Continue reading

Respect v. Rejection

Yesterday, for some reason, I began to think of the time when I began to “really” walk with God: with spirit, soul, AND body. Before, I’d worshiped God with spirit and soul…no problem, but to give Him my body seemed nearly impossible, until two thousand and nine. Continue reading

Lunch with Lee

In case you don’t know, Lee is a homeless man that I’ve become friends with over the last two weeks (I’ve sat with him three times), and on Friday, I invited him to have lunch with me on Monday, which was yesterday, and what an amazing time it was! It seems like it will be hard to put into words the wonderful lunch we had, but I will do my best to invite your heart to dance with mine.  Continue reading