Hidden Smiles

Since I’ve been open about having false teeth and the victories I’ve had about seeing my beauty past that, people have approached me about either having false teeth or having bad teeth. Behind the smile, there’s an insecurity gained and a beauty that seems lost. It’s definitely a strong hold in people’s lives, but God is training His army to walk in victory of indescribable beauty.

As I meet people on the street who have bad teeth, there’s always reason to laugh or smile because I’m usually laughing or smiling, and it causes that same reaction. But what I’ve been noticing is that, as soon as they start to smile, it’s like they realize it and shut there mouth really quickly and simply grin. Every time, it breaks my heart because it feels so good to smile.

In remembering back when I was using drugs and drinking, my teeth looked horrible: jagged, discolored, chunks gone with only chunks left, but there’s nothing that could keep me from smiling, so I’d smile. I remember receiving compliments on my smile and thinking, “Are they blind?” Well, the answer’s been revealed to me in the analogy of a sunset.

When I look at a sunset at the beach, I see its beauty. I don’t really notice the background: the birds flying in the air, the waves rippling across the ocean and breaking against the shore, the people around me. I see the sunset and get lost in its beauty. In the same way, teeth are in the background of a smile.

When people smile, it’s like looking at the sunset: I see the smile, the face that lights up, the joy that’s inside. I don’t notice the teeth in the background. So if you’re reading this and you feel self-conscience about smiling, so you only grin, try smiling and see what happens. Watch the other person’s face light up, too. It’s amazing! And no matter what your teeth look like, your Father in Heaven LOVES your smile and probably giggles every time He sees it!!

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