A Flight of the Heart

Over the past few months, I’ve become good friends with a man named Emil. He “used” to be grumpy, homeless, unapproachable, and then, he encountered Love. After getting over my fear of him, I approached him and kept approaching him. He didn’t believe in God, but then, something happened…an answered prayer.

The first time I prayed for him, he mocked me. I didn’t pay any attention. He was on a very long waiting list for a room; until his name moved to the top of the list, he would remain homeless. After I prayed, he had some “encounters” with God (like not dying, etc), and then, it happened. Supernaturally, he was placed in a room, and he KNEW it was God answering my prayer. Has he “accepted Jesus in his heart?” Only God knows. Has he accepted love, friendship, laughter from me? Absolutely! And it just gets better. Continue reading