An Honest Mechanic

I finally know a mechanic I can trust, and his name is Nacho.

Ever since I first started driving, I’ve encountered mechanical needs, and (almost) everywhere I’ve gone for help, I’ve been talked down to, belittled, overcharged, etc., until now. Continue reading

Zip Tie Mechanics

Recently, I heard some grinding/scraping going on on the driver’s side wheel of my car. I took it to the mechanic and was told, to fix the problem, I’d need to have $340.00 worth of repairs done. Whatever needed to be fixed was causing my tires to wear.

Instead of paying for the repairs, I chose to get used tires.

Well, on Saturday afternoon, Continue reading

Wrecking Ball

Last week, on my way back from Orange County, my left wheel in front started making this grinding/scraping noises. It happened when I accelerated, broke, turned…at various times.

When I got home, I parked and left it, until it was fixed. Wednesday, Robert went with me to have it checked out, and of course, the sound had stopped, so I seemed a little nutty. Luckily, I have a witness of the original occurrence and then another one from last night. Continue reading