An Honest Mechanic

I finally know a mechanic I can trust, and his name is Nacho.

Ever since I first started driving, I’ve encountered mechanical needs, and (almost) everywhere I’ve gone for help, I’ve been talked down to, belittled, overcharged, etc., until now.

The day I left for my retreat, I had to have some work done on my car: the driver’s side window motor had died with the window in the down position. I took it to a place, here in Lemon Grove, and I’m so glad I did!

On that day, when Nacho was working on the window, I talked to him. I told him about my retreat, my love for God, how excited I was and asked him about his life and his family. It was really good.

After he was finished with the window, he took a look at the oil and engine. You could tell he was looking because he cared. There I was about to go on a long drive up a mountain and didn’t know much about cars. Well, as he was looking, he found some stuff.

First off, I didn’t have ANY oil…my bad. Then, as he was under the car, he said, “Oh, ____!”, which I “knew” wasn’t good. He came out from under the car and called me over.

My water pump was leaking coolant. He showed me the hole and everything and explained about that part of the engine, not like I was stupid but like he was teaching me. He also talked about the importance of the timing belt and how often it needed to be changed.

I’d never had that changed and had had the car for over three years.

Anyway, he told me the prices and knew I couldn’t afford it on the spot, so he told me to drive it carefully and sent me on my way with the number of the tow truck company he uses…because he cared.

I hugged him and went on my way. [Now, how many of you HUG your mechanic?]

Anyway, someone (I’m leaving anonymous) sent me some money for Christmas presents for the kids, so…well…you know. On Monday, I dropped my car off with Nacho (and told my friend what I needed to use the Christmas money for).

Nacho went above and beyond. He even fixed my zip tie repairs. When I picked up the car, he showed me all the parts he replaced: seals that were hard as a rock and broke when you touched them; rubber part in pieces; water pump with a tint of green; etc.

He showed me every part and explained it’s purpose and what it SHOULD’VE looked like. Then, he showed me the boxes from the parts he put in. He really wanted me to know what he used and why he used it.

Throughout his life, Nacho had worked under other people, who would force him to repair cars with cheap parts that were destined to break within months, but the owners “knew” that and didn’t care, so Nacho opened up his own shop to provide honest care for people. Isn’t that cool?!!

After he first fixed the window, before he looked at the oil, I told him I trusted him. That’s when he explained why he went into business for himself.

Yesterday, I hugged him three times. There’s still more work to be done, but that’ll have to wait. It turned out, one of the belts was on way too tight, so now, my car runs quieter than it ever has since I’ve had it.

If you’re in need of a good mechanic, let me know, and I’ll give you Nacho’s number.

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