Ever since my husband read my website…

I’ve had immense trouble writing. 😦

I’ve done a few poems and such but haven’t posted them here, but I will.

Writing has helped me through the toughest of times.

Now, I’m forced to change.

I’m not sure what “force” is doing the pushing though…doesn’t feel like God.

But, I’ve been wrong before.

“Under Water”

As I’m drowning
I don’t hear You
I don’t see You
But I trust you
So I open my arms
In the midst
Sinking to the depths
Hair floating up
Air running out
As my naked body
Gently sinks
In the soaking power
Of Your love
And in this moment
I trust and believe
You’ll either pull me up
Or teach me to breathe

“Horizontal Leaps”

to know You
is to love You
every breath of doubt
every thought of doom
every shadow of sadness
won’t stand up
to You

as I’ve trusted before
I trust again
the calling
the plans
the dance
of my life
now teach me to trust


“For Them to See”

it’s sometimes hard
to read other’s pain
of losing a loved one
at Christmas time

I have moments
of maybe I shouldn’t have joy
like maybe I should
withhold my memories

but life isn’t comparison
of what I have and you don’t
or what you have and I don’t
life is about living and loving well

to be love for those around you
strengthening their being
to change the world
around them

for wherever they step
to remember the times
of laughter
of love
of moments

no one can take
what’s inside
no one can shape
what’s been formed

to love my kids every moment
and be love that they can see
makes a difference
that changes the world