Order of Love to Go

The day after Christmas, Scott took us out for breakfast (except for Kyle: he was tired). As we sat down, the waitress came over to help us. She was very nice, and right off the bat, I found out a lot about her.

She’d been divorced for two years, had three kids, and shared her kids with her ex for the holidays. Right away, I knew God had something for her, but I didn’t know what.

As I was ordering, I was cracking myself up, which was making her smile. We enjoyed our food, and the whole time, I was listening to God about our waitress. I didn’t hear any specific “words” for her, only that I was to pray for her.

When she came around to pick up our dishes, I asked if she would like prayer. Right away, she opened up more about her oldest daughter.

As I began to pray, she began to cry. It was so sudden, so close, so…God. At that moment, I KNEW we were to keep in contact, so we exchanged numbers and have since texted.

THAT’s what I love: building relationships with people. Not just praying and walking away but praying and walking alongside. It makes everything so personal, so relational, so…God.

I look forward to knowing her more and watching God transform her life!!

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