[written 10/17/16]

there aren’t many people
who’d beat their spouse
in front of company

there aren’t many bullies
who’d pick on kids
in front of teachers

there aren’t many parents
who’d toss their kids
in public

yet so many times
people trust
a smile
an attitude
a picture

when behind the scenes
behind closed doors
people are worn
to nothingness

and yet they
and act
and pose
to mask the pain

let’s wake up
to those around us

instead of guessing
what’s behind the curtain
get to know the cast
and be part of their solution

“Private Conversations”

[written 7/9/16]

I’ve realized
how my mind
and my heart

one’s more positive
than the other

when my mind says
‘I can’t handle this’
my heart replies
‘Bring it on!’

so I’ve been training my ears
which to listen to
because the heart
makes more sense

“Fairy Tales”

there comes a point in time
when love becomes a choice

choosing to listen
instead of ignore
choosing to obey
instead of fall away
choosing to be present
instead of online
choosing to love well
instead of waiting

to be swept off your feet
to be rescued
to be wooed by a feeling

the glass slipper may never fit
but that shouldn’t stop love

there’s a bigger picture
where choosing love
brings definition

Never Homeless

You know, over the past year, I’ve never agreed with the knowledge that I’m an “alien” here on earth because I feel very much at home.

God is my home, and He lives inside me, so everywhere I go, I’m at home. It’s just the way I think, feel, know, believe, etc.

Last night, Henry Haney started singing “I am home.” I loved it because I “am” at home every moment of every day because God will never leave me.