“Cop Out”

in God’s hands
many people say it
declare it
but is it true
if a man
kills with a gun
was it in God’s hands
or the one holding the gun
if a woman
signs papers for an abortion
was it in God’s hands
or the one holding the pen
if someone
robs a store
was in God’s hands
or the one holding the goods
darkness comes
to steal
and destroy
but many proclaim
it’s in God’s hands
many things are in the hands
of mankind
influenced by darkness
to bring forth

“For Them to See”

it’s sometimes hard
to read other’s pain
of losing a loved one
at Christmas time

I have moments
of maybe I shouldn’t have joy
like maybe I should
withhold my memories

but life isn’t comparison
of what I have and you don’t
or what you have and I don’t
life is about living and loving well

to be love for those around you
strengthening their being
to change the world
around them

for wherever they step
to remember the times
of laughter
of love
of moments

no one can take
what’s inside
no one can shape
what’s been formed

to love my kids every moment
and be love that they can see
makes a difference
that changes the world

Christmas Dinner

I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere along the line, we started a tradition of having ham on Christmas day, and as Kyle and I were shopping for Thanksgiving, he mentioned our Christmas ham, so I knew what I’d be cooking on Christmas.

Although money’s been tight, I knew we’d have our ham because Scott would be with us, and he always takes me grocery shopping. Well, this time, I asked him if we could have steaks one night because I never have the money to buy them.Of course, he said yes, so I was able to get steaks and many more things from the store.

Our plan was to have the ham on Christmas and the steaks another night, but God had different plans for us. It turned out, we had our ham Christmas afternoon and the steaks Christmas evening.

As I was cooking the baked potatoes, Scott was getting the grill ready, so I snapped a picture of the steaks. I hadn’t remembered the last time we had them and wasn’t sure when we’d have them again, so I wanted to grab a memory.IMG_1141

While we were all sitting down eating, it dawned on me: we’d almost lived here four years and had never eaten steaks in our home. So, our first time of eating home-cooked steaks was on Christmas. What a good memory to make!

We’ve had so many good times the last couple of weeks, even though we’ve taken turns being sick. We’ve laughed over games, watched movies and football together, hugged, exchanged “I love you”‘s, and just enjoyed the moments.

And as usual, we forgot to take pictures, but sometimes, the pictures in the heart are clearer than the pictures on the screen.

(At least, I got a picture of those beautiful steaks!)