An Empty Booth

The other night, I had a booth at the Rock. As much as I just wanted to “be” there for others, I was still short on rent and needed to sell some flags.

Right off the bat, a young woman stopped by the booth, entranced by the beauty of the flags. As I told her about them and about my testimony, she filled with joy!

She said, “No way! I’ve never heard anyone be so open like that. I used to be trafficked. No one’s ever said that! I’m just blown away right now! That just made my day! Thank you!” And I believe THAT is why I was supposed to be there, but still, I had hours left and flags to sell, so I was ready for the night (or so I thought). Continue reading

“One in Millions”

the inner course
of sex
has its way
of taking a chance
with conception

it doesn’t wait to see
if the couple is in love
it doesn’t wait to see
if they’re married
it doesn’t wait to see
what their dreams are

this chance takes
a risk
without asking
maybe leaving one
with a choice

to keep it
or not

there’s an easy way out
thinking of self
and no one else
but it’s the harder way

a decision to bring forth life
or cause death
a chance to promote destiny
or distinguish it

a wait in the mind
a weight in the heart
who will win