An Honest Mechanic

I finally know a mechanic I can trust, and his name is Nacho.

Ever since I first started driving, I’ve encountered mechanical needs, and (almost) everywhere I’ve gone for help, I’ve been talked down to, belittled, overcharged, etc., until now. Continue reading

Taste and See

Lately, I’ve been asking God about His phrase ‘taste and see.’ I’ve been wondering what the reason was behind putting those two words together. In the natural, they just don’t make sense, but in the spiritual, they have a whole new meaning. Continue reading

A Step to Know

Most of you know that my ex-husband was in town and had been staying with us for over a week. The way he took care of us all was simply amazing: treating us out to eat all the time; a couple trips to Sam’s Club; Disneyland; trips to different stores, etc. We all spent a lot of good time together, and then on Tuesday, he took the little ones to buy new clothes for school.

As we were out and about shopping, God had a few things on His list for me to do. At the first store we went to in the mall, a young lady was working…all tatted out. The print and colors on her shirt matched one of her tattoos very well, so I commented on it. She said, “Yeah,” giggled, and kept on walking past. As she walked away, God began to speak to me about her. Continue reading