“From MY View” (from God to you)

omfortif you don’t know Me
I want to be in your heart
if you do know me
I’m already there

never feel abandoned
I won’t leave your side
and when comfort is needed
in Me come confide

all I ask you to give up
is darkness
and I ask you to die
to yourself
to live fully in Me
aware of My Love
and become what you read
in My word

there’s no questioning your DNA
it’s intertwined with My Son
you’re righteous
and pure
holy in view
an absolute treasure
of My Heart

Beloved, you are Mine
I love your presence
I want to be in you
every moment
don’t walk away
or ignore My Voice
just listen
and enjoy time with Me

trust Me
there’s a future
believe Me
there’s a plan

have faith
with eyes closed
follow My voice
with your heart

as you take each step
I breathe through you
as you become love
I work through you

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