Taste and See

Lately, I’ve been asking God about His phrase ‘taste and see.’ I’ve been wondering what the reason was behind putting those two words together. In the natural, they just don’t make sense, but in the spiritual, they have a whole new meaning.

I remember hearing Graham Cooke talk about thinking a thought all the way through. Well, since I heard that, I’ve been doing that. With this one, I thought about the word “taste.” What do I do when I taste something? I chew it slowly and pay attention to the flavors. Then, I thought about the chewing part.

Awhile back, I learned that to meditate on God’s word meant to chew on it, to take one or two Scriptures and just “chew” on them for a while, letting it sink in. I love how thinking the one thought through brought back something God had already shown me.

Once I put those two together, the rest just flowed like a river.

When we taste God’s word, chew on a piece of it for awhile, it really sinks in and changes our perspective, which causes us to “see” differently. “Taste and see that the LORD is good,” and that’s only part of the Scripture.

The second part says, “blessed is the man who trusts Him,” so without trust, the tasting and seeing part may be a little difficult. I DO trust God, and looking back, I see how I have tasted and how much my perspective has changed.

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