Stairwell of Prayer

So, last night after the Padre game, everyone was headed to the exits. We had sat near the very top and had a long ways down to go. The wait for the escalator seemed ridiculous, so we decided to take the stairs.

As we were walking down, along with a bunch of other people, I overheard a young man celebrating how that had been his first baseball game he’d ever seen all the way through. It was also his first time being sober at one.

I overheard him telling his buddies how it was good to not always be in line for beer, how he actually was able to enjoy the game. He was so excited; I HAD to join in.

He told me he was six months sober. I started sharing with him about freedom, about how life lived sober is so much better. Then, as we were walking down, I just started praying for him: declaring his sobriety, annihilating addiction, and blessing his life. It was so cool, so natural, so cool to meet him.

I knew I was “supposed” to be at that game, and I knew there was going to be someone to meet, and I believe he was the one I was supposed to meet/pray for.

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