What’s in a Song

Recently, I heard a prayer like ‘God, I want to go wherever You go,’ and immediately, I felt differently…in a good way.

I realize we “follow” God and want to go wherever He goes, but it’s really only His voice we’re following because as Christians, He goes wherever WE go. Jesus lives in me…period, and wherever I step my foot, He goes. That’s why we go into dark places…because we release the Kingdom that’s inside of us.

I used to agree with almost everything I heard in church but not anymore. Even during worship sets and prayers, I’ve been listening a lot because I don’t want to agree with just anything in my heart. I pay attention to the words, and if it’s truth, I’ll agree with my heart. If it’s not, I strengthen myself in the truth God revealed to me.

Here are just some of the thoughts I’ve been encountering:
I’m not running after God; I have a relationship with Him; He lives in me and works through me. I’m not thirsty; I have rivers of living waters flowing through me. I need to be that drink for others, so they’ll want more, hear the gospel, and want those same rivers flowing through them. I’m not broken, bound to sin, living to disappoint God; I’ve been set free, am a slave to righteousness, and live through His heart.

It’s time to change the lyrics to declare who we are!

For a long time, I was singing along to whatever was on the screen. Now, if it’s a song about who I am in Him, I’ll agree with my heart. If it’s not, only my mouth will join in (if even that).


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