“A Song” or the beginning of one

through it all
You never lost my vision
through it all
You never left my side
through it all
You welcomed each beginning
through it all
You held my hand inside

how close is Your love
how strong is Your friendship
how bold is Your faith
to believe in me

how weak are my endings
how fragile is each beginning
but every step
You’re here with me

holding on
to everything You’ve done
holding on
to everything You’ve said
holding on
to truths I cannot see
holding on
to You who’s holding me


hide the pain

hides the rage

can’t say it all

only matter

before I lose my mind
on purpose
I wanna remember You

when life’s bridge
gives way
it’s You Who pulls me through

if there’s a beginning
then there’s an end
as each story’s written
there’s no need to pretend
just live each moment
and fill each day
with life’s precious memories
as part of the play


songs that never have music
words that never have ears
hearts that never have connections
rain that never has fall

when things are missing
halves are broken
and sometimes things
remain the same

how do you break down walls
that are set in stone?

how do you see the heart
through wounded eyes?

how do you feel the warmth
from an icy bed?

there’s definitely
something missing
but when I look past my soul
everything’s found

a new hope of singing each song
a new vision of hearing words spoken
a new love of connecting the dots
and a new mouth
to catch all the rain

while darkness remains without hope
light lives on through love

“Ready and Waiting”

here I am
send me

hear I am
send me

not knowing
where I’m going
but knowing
Who I follow

when nothing
makes sense
He makes sense
of it all

bit by bit
moment by moment
hour by hour

He has it all
where time doesn’t matter
He has it all
of what I’m willing to give
His has it all
figured out in His Presence
He has it all
and gives it back to me

Heaven invading
send me
here I am
send me

“Straight Up”

[written on 5/8/16]

sometimes people say
they’re going through a process
to justify their behavior
that doesn’t resemble Christ

sometimes people hold on
to their bad habits
to balance them
as if Jesus wasn’t enough

sometimes people water down
the Truth
so what they’re doing
looks good in Him

I’ve been ALL these people
blinded in the church

if you take offense
that’s YOUR choice
this doesn’t speak of all
just some

I’m no longer a “weak” believer

I no longer sing ‘when I fall’
but ‘if’

I no longer sing ‘bound to sin’
I’ve been freed

I no longer sing ‘when I’m dry’
living waters flow through me

I no longer say ‘I’ll never be perfect’
because Jesus tells me to be
so I grow

hearing leads to listening
listening leads to believing
believing leads to following
following leads to becoming
becoming is freedom

“When Light is a Fire”

in His Heart
there is freedom
in His Heart
there is joy
in His Heart
there is company
of angels

where heaven breathes
and moves through you
when nature knows
where heaven breathes
and the world looks different
through change

when they learn about
this freedom
and learn about
this joy
and learn about
this company
and enter into His Heart