“May I have this dance?” -God

A couple weeks ago, I’d met a woman in Lowe’s, who’d told me about a church she went to, where they allow people to dance with flags, and I absolutely couldn’t WAIT to get there! Well, this past Sunday I went and want to share it with you.

This’ll be another long post (I think)…fair warning.

Anyway, every person’s an individual in their worship, so it’s important to realize how you’re unique and find out where you belong. On Sunday, I found out where I belong.

You see, I LOVE worshiping inside God’s heart while dancing with my flags, so when I attend churches where dancing’s not allowed, I long for what’s missing.

A week ago Sunday, Carolyn and I went to a church really close to the house. It’d been the fourth church I’d gone to, where dancing with flags wasn’t present. When the second song began, I started to weep because I couldn’t dance. It’s THAT special to me.

I mean, I’ve learned how to dance inside my heart, but the freedom to dance out loud is indescribable!

On my way to church on Sunday, I was listening to a Julie Meyer CD, “God is Alive,” and there were some songs I kept on repeat, so it really wasn’t played in order, and by the time I pulled into the driveway of the church and parked, I was amazed at the timing of the song.

To (hopefully) explain what I mean, I’m going to post the lyrics.
It’s a duet between you and God.

“Do You see me when I sit down
And when I rest my weary head upon my bed
And when I rise on the wings of the morning
Do You see me then, God
Do You see me then?

Do You see me when I find myself
Seemingly unnoticed in this world
And all my dreams they feel lost and forgotten
Do You see me then
Do You see me then?

Do Your eyes gaze upon my heart
Do You hear my every whisper
Do You know my every thought
Do You hear me when I cry out, when I sing out
Tell me do You see me then?”

Okay, right then, I shut off the car, and as I walked towards the church, my friend Janice, whom I met at Lowe’s, pulled up. She walked me in and showed me around.

As you entered, there’s a seating area, kitchen, table with snacks, and people gathered around, talking. Further in was an old sports complex that’d been turned into a seating area and sanctuary, divided by a yellow curtain.

There was SO much room to dance! I was SO excited!!

Here’s where I begin to cry because of the moment.

It felt so free there! I didn’t feel any judgment, religiousness, or anything like that. I simply listened to each instrument being played, every voice that sang out, every heart beat of God and danced in that “place” I always dance in! It was AMAZING!!

Afterwards, different ladies welcomed me with open hearts, and one told me that the minute I began to dance with my flag, she felt the water in the room rise. How awesome is that! Anyway, I’m “really” looking forward to this Sunday!

Okay, here’s the best part! When I got back into my car and drove away, the lyrics continued, but THIS time, it was God’s turn to sing.

“Child I see you when you sit down
And when you rest your weary head upon your bed
And when you rise on the wings of the morning
Child, I see you then
yes I see you then

I see you and you’re not alone
and I hold you close forever in My Arms
And all your dreams, those I hold in My Hand
Child I see you then
yes I see you then

and My eyes gaze upon your heart
and I hear your every whisper
and I know your every thought
and I hear you when you cry out, when you sing out
Oh My child I see you then”

Do you see what I mean? The timing!!

When I first thought about this move to Texas, I was convinced I wasn’t going to seek out a church, but after I found myself struggling to breathe, I KNEW I needed to find one, and after church after church, God’s brought me to the next place He wants me to be. I feel it; I know it, and I’m going to live it!

Do You See Me Then


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