“May I have this dance?” -God

A couple weeks ago, I’d met a woman in Lowe’s, who’d told me about a church she went to, where they allow people to dance with flags, and I absolutely couldn’t WAIT to get there! Well, this past Sunday I went and want to share it with you. Continue reading

“Heaven’s Menu”

[written 7/10/16]

there’s something about laughter
that brings the enemy down

I picture laughter
sounding like
nails on a chalkboard
to the enemy

when we got to Texas
depression was heavy
lingering above us
dripping in our minds

one by one
we were silent
consumed with the sound
of the drip

one by one
we pulled out of it
and turned off
the spout

except Nathan

he’s been so sad
through it all

until last night

waiting at Denny’s for food
but being fed by Heaven
all it took
was one incident

and we were rolling!

abs sore
tears falling
laughter rising

Nathan came home
a different person
and Snapchat viewers
got a few laughs

I’d like to explain this poem a little. Continue reading

“Private Conversations”

[written 7/9/16]

I’ve realized
how my mind
and my heart

one’s more positive
than the other

when my mind says
‘I can’t handle this’
my heart replies
‘Bring it on!’

so I’ve been training my ears
which to listen to
because the heart
makes more sense


[written 7/8/16]

sometimes in your present
you’re reminded of your past
and think back not believing
of who you “used” to be

that’s a very good place

reminded of who you were
and seeing who you’re not
by knowing who you are
as who you’re meant to be

it may sound confusing
in a poem
but in my heart
it makes perfect sense!