“Rock Climbing”

I don’t know how
to laugh in silence
I don’t know how
to create conversation
I don’t know how
to follow the sun set
I don’t know how
to climb walls
I’d rather
tear them down

“Decisions Matter”

the weakness
of indecision
to missed

you know
the ones that knock
on your door
over and over
and when you
finally decide
to open it
walked away

so you go back
wishing you’d acted
constantly turning around
to see
what you’d missed

instead of looking
for more opportunities
learn to make decisions
then don’t change
your mind


never feeling the weather
behind the scene
never seeing the tears
behind the selfie
never hearing the argument
behind the pose
never tasting the food
behind the picture
never quite knowing
what’s “really” going on

yes Facebook
might’ve gotten it wrong
but people’ve become used
to what’s in front of them
forgetting that looks
can be deceiving

Community Breaks Down Walls

[Written on July 22nd. Normally, I’m better at keeping up with my website, but the day before I wrote this (so Thursday, 7/21/16), we “finally” got a dining room table, so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were late-night game nights, and the lack of sleep threw me off, so today, I’m catching up with you (or allowing you to catch up with me).]

Walls…they’re good for supporting a home, protecting, and dividing, but they’re also good for separating. Continue reading