How would you complete this sentence?

When the battlefield’s your training ground,…

Not ALL Bad

Since it’s been “difficult” here, I’m going to point out things I like.
I love hearing the birds talk…sometimes fifty at a time.
I love watching the trees blow through the window.
I love my yellow room.
I love sitting at our dining room table, eating dinner, playing games.
I love, when I’m first to wake up, sitting in the living room in silence.
I love sitting in that same silence in my bedroom.
I love dancing at church.
I love the breeze at the ocean; it sort of blows the humidity away.
And in the moments it happens, I love watching the kids have fun.
I love my talks with Katie.
I love the times when Scott and I laugh.
I love watching the kids grow.
I love cooking with my girls.
I love creating.

Anyway, those are some of the things I love. I’m sure I’m missing some, and I’m sure some are an exaggeration, but it’s good to focus on the beauty that’s all around me.

“Relationship Takes Two”

under His Glory
beneath the stars
on solid ground

He spends time with me

under His Glory
beneath the stars
on solid ground

I spend time with Him

could you imagine
if one of us

if only “I” was talking
never hearing from God
never seeing a sign

and what about Him

if “He” was only talking
as I lived my life
apart from Him

Hosea was placed
in marriage
for a purpose

to show how
the relationship was

my prayer is for all
to spend time with Him

under His Glory
beneath the stars
on solid ground