One on One

Last week, the kids were at youth camp, and on Friday, we picked them up to bring them home to a surprise.

Since we arrived two months ago, I’ve been asking Scott for a basketball hoop for the kids. Well, I finally made that happen.

When we pulled up, I watched their faces. Nathan wasn’t looking out the window, but Carolyn saw, and her face said it all! She was SO surprised and pointed it out to Nathan, who loved it.

When we got inside, I laid down for a quick nap, and when I’d awoken (which was not even an hour later), Nathan’d already been out there shooting hoops!!

Later on, he went out a second time with Katie.

This hoop was one of the best decisions we’ve made!! Nathan’s been SO depressed, but now, he has an outlet!

13645155_10209294738513199_8395852998022506466_n (1)
The perfect form!


The baby’s getting so big!
Katie, dribbling


Right before the ball hit me, I snapped a picture.


This is the biggest smile I could get out of Nathan, which saddened my heart.

In Order for a Reason

Change…it never bothered me, until everything changed; then, I learned how difficult it actually was, and so far, I haven’t handled it very well.

Even last night, at the dinner table, I was trying to remember a day I hadn’t cried and couldn’t think of one Continue reading