“Remote Control”

when you’re complete with God’s love
nothing else’s needed
when you know who you are
the mirror’s your friend

this move’s been a battle
that I’ve taken personally
but it’s not against “me”
it’s to tear down the Kingdom

but that’s not happening
not today
not tomorrow
not on MY watch

before I’m a mother
before I’m a wife
before I’m a friend
I’m a mighty woman of god

and this mighty woman
plans on winning every battle
because the Joy of the Lord
is my Strength

“Anonymous Bound”

of course I want to write
what everyone likes
and I want to like
everything I read
but we’re all different

our hearts
our minds
our thoughts
our intake

so being “all”
wouldn’t work
and to write what I know
what’s inside
seems wrong

so I’ve gotten married
this fairytale life
that plays out like
a nightmare
but I can’t explain it

maybe I’ll create a website
in secret
no name
no identity
just a heart

expressing out loud
is what I do
but expressing out loud
is what I “can’t” do
so all of me’s inside

sometimes hiding
always waiting
when tears will fall

I’m not here to make sense
I’m here to BE love
but in marriage
sometimes that seems