There’s a story behind these flags.

Back in February, I’d had a bunch of recycling on my balcony that needed to be taken in, but I didn’t “want” to do it, so it just sat there, until I met “Peaches.”

One morning, on my street in Lemon Grove, I heard someone rustling through trash cans, so I ran downstairs to see who it was, and there was “Peaches.” I told her about my recycling and invited her in.

In meeting one another, we learned about each other. She loved my flags but could never afford them.

You see, recycling was how “Peaches” supported her daughters. They were living in a motel room and, sometimes, didn’t have that.

Every week, she’d stop by for more recycling, and we’d visit.

On one of her visits, I was dying a pair of flame flags, and she talked about how much her teenage daughters would love them in blue, so these are gifts for them.

I can’t wait to hear about them dancing with them!!



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